George Osborne: The Missed Talent Desperately Needed by the Liberals

I was watching George Osborne today on the BBC’s Andrew Marr – which incidentally though not new “news” is a fantastic program/host – talking about the recent snap elections by Theresa May. I have to say I feel that this talent of a politician is sorely missed within our political echo system. As I mentioned many times on posts on this site we need forward/outward looking young politicians able/keen to take charge of our politics and it certainly helps if you have the experience/record to back it up. I only wish that a talent like George Osborne can be attracted to lead a Liberal party like the Liberal Democrats or the Greens who seem to be short on leadership talent. It also makes perfect sense in terms of timing when we’re about to begin the BREXIT negotiations and as someone with a solid EU contact & knowledge base. Equally important is that his views can help bring a more pragmatic/balanced vision to party policy rather the traditional idealistic approach followed and that has led to nowhere. As a matter of fact we need balanced policies in all parties rather than the traditional break up of Conservative, Labor, Greens, Liberal etc. We could all do with a new/progressive political echo system/paradigm to shape our future rather than archaic system we’ve been using which does NOT seem to be serving our Democratic values/credentials particularly well.

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