Another interesting hearing by former FBI Director James Comey testifying in a congressional hearing today, but one that is of particular significance as it is the first such hearing by Comey since being fired by Trump. As you’d expect plenty of analysis-paralysis by the media so let me sum it up for anyone interested;

There’ve beem 2 distinct lines of questioning predominantly advocated across party lines as follows;

  1. One overly consumed by the “Process” Comey has followed either as it relates to the the Russia investigations or as it related to his interaction with Donald Trump. This while emphasising that Comey admits that there is no evidence of collusion by Trump as regards to the Russia hacking inquiry and running with it; this despite the ongoing investigation taking place.
  2. One rightly concerned NOT with Process but by potential “Criminality” of Trump in terms of obstruction of justice with regards to him asking him asking the FBI Director to drop the Michael Flynn’s investigation as well as demanding complete loyalty by Comey.

It is also amazing for me to listen to the absurdity of the some the questions on Democrats side; things along the lines of; had you given a signal to the president of your complete loyalty during these interactions do you believe you would have been fired? Now what the hell do you expect Comey to say or was that some silly style statement aimed at the public? And please don’t ask me about the bizarre question by Republican senator John Mccain  – no really don’t ask – makes 0 sense! – you try and make sense of it.

Anyway after the hearing I was shocked to see reporters/analyst on CNN suggest that this hearing was a success demonstrating a true bipartisan approach to the investigation. Really?? Ignoring the niceties exchanged between members of both parties it still clear to me that system is as divided as ever about the Trump inquiry and there does not seem to be any hope for an intersection of objectives here, no wonder you end up with a divided nation.

So my hope is that Republicans truly take the the “America First” slogan to heart instead of the actual slogan they seem to be following; “Trump & Party First; we can discuss other matters later. That said and as I mentioned repeatedly in posts across this site here – this fractured democratic system we see in the United States and across the west will not be fixed unless we see a new breed of politicians come to the fore and take back control from an ageing/rigid mentality that is preventing our Democracy from evolving and destroying our values in the process. We need the new generation to Kick-In and be part of a new/fresh approach to governance – they’ll NOT be given the opportunity unless they demand it and they need to do so because they need to start reshaping their future.

Finally just to say a word on former FBI Director James Comey; Having watched his performance since 2016 and particularly in this hearing today-as an outsider looking in-I can say this; if someone with such a high level of integrity and impeccable service record can be treated in this disgusting manner in the way he was fired by the current administration and by some of the absurd insinuations coming out of the Republican side who seem intent to protect Trump at all costs I can only say Good Luck Americans in “Saving” America because Russia couldn’t have done it better!

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