This in my view the is First Step in the Right Direction; review my previous posts and you’ll know what I mean by simply searching “brexit” or using following links. The main thing is that this should be a sustained effort to help politicians move off their warm chairs and follow the public. We need to protect the country from ideology driven politicians keen on a BREXIT At All Cost mentality. This should NOT ever happen, we need responsible politicians taking charge of the country at this most critical phase of it’s history – this is truly a make a make-or-break moment for Britain and we should all work to reach a compromise for a better future for the country irrespective of ideology and in respective of the facts. You can find my views reflected in the previous posts. Most important is that there needs to be a clear set of realistic demands that many – including from other side of the argument – can relate to so that there is more or less unity across the spectrum – I would propose a 2nd referendum NOW as the only viable option. There also needs to be business support for the movement. So it’s all about how the campaign is designed/managed if it is to succeed. 

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