Now we are really seeing how we’re paying for BREXIT; trade at any cost irrespective of protecting our environment for future generations or protecting our security/standing up for our values by NOT supporting repressive regimes. It all goes out the window and we end up holding a small stick with a paper flag saying; “Open 4 Business at Any Cost-We’re Here 4 Your Cash”. What an utter disgrace. This is not just flawed politics but sloppy politics as well. I would suggest that we need to stop complaining about these harmful policies that are trickling down our throat-at increasing pace-which are effectively risking our future for the sake of saving face on the BREXIT deal. We need to take action by ensuring the government is held to account for even considering such policies and we need to keep a close eye on whatever else the government has up is sleeves in seeking an “Exit at All Costs” approach in the BREXIT strategy & negotiations.

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