An interesting article on the BBC website – link below. In my opinion the fear is NOT only about Russian money that impacts on our security but more broadly all national & foreign money in the UK that does nothing but undermine our Democracy. Some of these fundings are clear/deliberate while others are in the form of our core economic industries/assets being controlled by foreign entities/individuals. This is certainly not a new trend but one that it is likely to gain incredible momentum if the BREXIT path is allowed to continue – a path that has been marred with false expectations and plenty of foreign influence – something the BREXITEERS don’t seem to mind on that score. But putting aside the BREXIT debate for the moment let me just remind everyone that threat to our Democracy is really from within – about our choices as citizens to keep track of our political eco system filtering out partisan arguments and deciding the path towards the future we desire. Inaction or ignorance is complacency (but also a choice in of itself) and will surely lead to us giving the next generation a bit of a nightmare world they’ll need to deal with, so they also need to wake up and make their voices heard. This a pivotal moment in our history as nation one that requires us to move out of our comfort zones of Consumerism to Activism  (political & environmental) otherwise we’ll all be “consumed” by dangerous trends/powers that will overtake our nation. Remember in this new Trump era the UK is seen as the bridge for alt-right politics across the atlantic which is precisely the reason we have publications like Breitbart establishing base in the UK, so for starters let’s pay attention.

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