While I do appreciate the stand made by these women on Westminster Bridge in solidarity against extremism the image in my view diverts attention from the main worthy/noble motive of this act by raising other questions/observations;

  1. It certainly would have been better had this stand come sooner post the attack.
  2. The absence of men in this stand is peculiar and may suggest following rigid cultural traditions of segregating men/women. If true this cannot be acceptable.
  3. The image really demonstrates-in terms of dress code-the complete disconnect in culture, something largely due to failed immigration/integration policies. I have written many related posts here, so will not repeat my views on this matter. I just need to emphasize that we should NOT blame cultural minorities who find difficulties in assimilating to western culture for this disconnect which is phenomena that has it roots in decades of government policy failures on Immigration/Integration. Also remember we’re not talking about extremism here but rather about rigid cultural traditions derived from equally rigid/narrow religious teachings. I truly believe that such traditions are NOT unreconcilable with western culture but do need effective integration policies to minimize the current gap and an effective immigration policy to eliminate this issue altogether in future; if you read my related posts using link above you’ll understand why I come to this conclusion.

Finally I would suggest that despite these observations mentioned above people should give these women full credit for their courage in making this stand.

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