A fascinating interview with today on Andrew Marr show with David Davis & Keir Starmer. They both seemed characteristically delusional; the first in his view on the state of the negotiations and the second with his presentation of the “development/U-turn” policy of Labor regarding the transition period. The one outcome one concludes from these interviews is simple and yet something I’ve been alerting to for what seems like ages; politicians are playing politics with the fate of the nation. It is no longer the Question; “To BREXIT or NOT To BREXIT” it is merely about politicians keen – for political or ideological objectives – to either ram through or tweak policies in the midst of such a consequential negotiation for the country. Whether I am BREXITEER or a Remainer it is quite obvious that the way the referendum is being delivered and the implications so far fulfilled is far from the intent it was supposed to address/settle; a flimsy process that serves neither side – this if we look at it objectively away from the divisiveness we seem to have picked from politicians.

Based on the above I reiterate my previous calls for a 2nd Referendum that clarifies our negotiating position and delivers on a inclusive process that gets where we decide to go even if it means an exit. The longer we continue with this mess the worse for our economy and the worse for our reputation – particularly with our macho trading plans.

Equally important is the fact that the longer this situation remains unresolved with a divided country and continued issues with our long term European partners/allies the more vulnerable we all are in terms of security & protecting our political system from foreign interference something we’ve come to learn about quite extensively in the past year; and I suspect is being used in the current debate. We don’t really need people happy/willing to sell their integrity/country for the sake of ultra-right ideological gains something embodied by the Trump clan, do we Mr. Farage??

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