The North Korea saga is yet another simple demonstration of what it means to have weak political leadership – particularly on Foreign Policy – throughout the Western hemisphere. Syria and the Middle East in general is yet another. Two questions come to mind;

  1. Does the world need to be policed? Thanks to constant failures on key foreign policy issues, the answer is a resounding Yes – in fact now more than ever.
  2. Is there a cost for making the world a safer place? Another resounding Yes. There is a limit to what influence you get through political posturing alone – so unless you demonstrate you are incremental in your “actions” to show you can match words with deeds, well you are inadvertently escalating the situation.

So the bottom line is that if we’re not serious about getting Foreign Policy right it’s a doom/gloom proposition down to our backyard. This is why we should elect leaders with expertise needed to lead – it’s not just about selecting heads of government departments who tend to follow the script (or their hunch)– that much we know; right Boris J? or dare I ask right Dr. Fluff?.

So the bigger question is this; “Will we ever Learn before it’s Late in Game?”

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