Very interesting developments by the government, but one that makes you wonder if this is a new proposition or rather it’s more about timing of agreeing to a proposition that was already on the table for some time. Of course we all know it’s the latter that is true. OK but then again who cares – I hear you say – if it produces the desired result; hold on a minute,  who’s desire? So here are my concerns in brief;

  1. Waste of time/effort with process/vision driven by ideologues with narrow political objectives. This essentially means prolonged period of uncertainty and a transition period that may have to be extended due to the fix-as-you-go approach adopted by this BREXIT team.
  2. No viable/pragmatic alternatives are planned for as backup in case of failure to reach agreement.  Again emphasising the risk to our economy through the uncertainty that is at the heart of this flawed process.
  3. Threat of continued effort to severe ties with EU by ramming through irreversible laws/regulations before BREXIT day. Again this is due to a process designed around ideology rather than a pragmatic vision that puts country before party/ideology.
  4. The current BREXIT team is chipping away at our relationship with the EU a critical relationship for us in or out of this organisation. This is not only due to their incompetence but also by treating the EU as an adversary rather than a strategic/critical partner for the UK – this again is an approach driven by hardline ideologues in government.
  5. This I also believe is a shiny object that’s drawn out of the hat in the last minute to distract from continued scandals/divisions within the government as well as moving the focus away from 2 critical factors we need NOT loose site of;
  • BREXIT impact assessment documents & their validation
  • Investigating potential foreign interference in the referendum referendum. This is not just about confirming the meddling into our elections & referendum – which the government has confirmed just today in terms of Russian meddling – but more importantly it’s about carrying out a full investigation of possible collusion by British politicians and influential individuals in these actions. This has to be coupled with taking corrective actions in restoring faith in our Democracy as I mention below. We cannot continue to put our heads in the sand as if nothing has happened. What actually seems to be happening however is that PM May is using this meddling as an excuse to ram through a BREXIT deal (check first article below) by suggesting she’s “absolutely committed to securing a Brexit deal which strengthens our liberal values”.  Oh really? How convenient yet utterly despicable; yet another demonstration of this corrupt gang in charge of the country who see/feel/breath nothing beyond their narrow ideological prejudices – everything else is out of scope. I do hope that once we move away from this thick cloud these people are held legally accountable for their actions with the harm they’re inflicting on the country on a daily basis.

My suggestion continues to be that due to the broken politics that we are witnessing pre/post the BREXIT referendum we really need to take politics (and personal ego) out of the equation by minimising its influence when making key decisions about the future of this country as I suggested in this post; BREXIT; A Pragmatic Vision Forward (an inclusive process that represents both sides of the argument designed to unite a divided country and one that can take up months to complete particularly if we have an effective team in place better able to negotiate this change in process with the EU). The process also helps minimise (NOT eliminate) the potential of further foreign meddling in contaminating the outcome of the elections. It is all a matter of where our priorities lie – anything is achievable with the right mindset, vision and team.

Hope this helps.

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