It turns out – or more accurately people are slowly coming to the realisation – that BREXIT does not actually have a definition; more like a fluid/subjective interpretation driven mostly of your mood on a given day. What we do know for a fact is that the lies perpetrated during the referendum are – well just lies – promoted by alt-right ideologues hoping to BREXIT at any cost and supported by foreign influence. What we also know for sure – irrespective on where you stand on the issue – is that Britain is currently much weaker both externally/internally than any other time in our history because of the divisions and lack of political leadership/vision. BREXIT has been nothing more than a reaction to flawed policy on Immigration pure/simple. More importantly – beyond the lies perpetrated during the elections – the world has changed plenty since the first referendum so it’s not just about people changing their minds based on false expectations but also current political/economic realities that will have direct implications on our decision. What we see on the other hand by our “genius” politicians is focusing more on spin/short-termism & political posturing in trying to make BREXIT fit a template that it wasn’t designed for or at the very least is definitely NOT what the referendum was about. So when some suggest that the Referendum was a demonstration of the will of the nation – irrespective the margin of victory – what we know is that BREXIT was more about a bunch of lies/false expectations and a reaction to government failures on specific policies. What we really need to do now is 2 folds;

  1. Stop tweaking BREXIT and focus on the rational/justification of continuing this path. Plenty of resources/efforts are being squandered to suit the will of a few – the sol called hardliners – while the country’s reputation is on a free fall.
  2. Come up with a plan/proposition “IN & OUT” and allow the British people to decide on the facts for a change. I mentioned this proposition here  but for me any other will do so long as the British people can make a choice on reality – current reality – NOT on past fiction.

As a tweaked version of  Johnnie Cochran’s statement in the Simpson trial say’s; “If it doesn’t Fit, you must ‘Quit‘”

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