The Policy of Appeasement

I read an interesting piece on the CNN site entitled; Trump torches Macron, his last friend in the G-7; Let me suggest that any form of appeasement to the current U.S administration is a BIG mistake as I eluded to in this in a previous post prior to the Macron/Trump meeting in the U.S. It seems that only now does President Macron understand that appeasement has consequences – and not very positive ones at that. More importantly this only empowers alt-right ideologies in the heart of Europe because it projects weakness/lack of confidence of the EU and gives wrong signals for Covfefe Land that his style of governance an approach that can work. My suggestion – and I do hope someone listens – is being on the offensive when democratic/liberal values are under threat. I said in a previous post that Democracy needs to have teeth to fend for itself and same applies to protecting liberal values/traditions – and doing so without giving excuses. In other words there needs to be intelligent/consistent/unified and proactive strategy when dealing with the current U.S administration, one that can possibly be coordinated with non-EU states like Canada and other Western allies.

Immigration – The France24 (English) Debate

I watched a debate on France24-English yesterday on the topic of immigration. An interesting debate that is interviewed guests at different end of the political spectrum. it is crystal clear that the rise of the alt-right in Europe has been directly due to flawed immigration policies – and I’ve written quite a bit on this issue on many posts if you care to search, so will not detail but elude to some elements briefly. The problem in my view is that people seem to be discussing only one element the problem which is where the immigration problem ends not where is begins. Let me put it bluntly; this current trend of political & economic migration is likely to hit the roof unless tackled effectively at the source – there is only so much you can do in terms of border control/security and it is very likely that loopholes will continue to invented/discovered. As I mentioned in previous posts immigration did not occur out of thin air – it is in fact a direct result of flawed foreign policy as well as economic policies in the west that are designed to exploit poorer states and their resources – through their corrupt systems – or to make economic reforms unattainable due to difficult/impractical loan conditions – so in a sense it’s payback time. The way out of this mess is to 2 folds;

1. New foreign policy approach designed to promote values of Democracy/Human Rights. This is NOT about seeking regime change but about NOT to appease dictators or turn a blind eye when its time for business because the cash gained doing business with repressive/autocratic regimes is eventually paid back triple fold in security/social & economic instability right here/at home. We also need to fix the mess we’ve helped create in the Middle East and elsewhere – these are conflicts that if left unresolved will continue to have detrimental effects on our own future because we’ve learned the hard way that the world is becoming much smaller than we thought.

2. Promoting cross-regional economic markets designed to strengthen economic ties between rich/poor nations and build a more robust/balanced relationship that ensures better wealth distribution as well as strict guidelines to prevent corruption while ensuring full transparency. The proposition here is to create a win-win situation that allows both sides to gain equally from better integration/dependancy. The conventional concept of financial aid should be scrapped for the most part except in drastic situations – because these mostly end up with corrupt individuals or non-transparent corrupt and/or in-efficient systems.

I’ve written a relevant post here as an idea connecting these 2 elements; Progressive Governance Initiative (PGI); Incentivising Change

All the above are workable solutions but we need to be creative and quick in developing this plan because the window of opportunity is closing down fast before extremist politics kick in and drive in the opposite direction irrespective of consequences as we see with BREXIT. If this window of opportunity closes down the only alternative we may end up with is building walls; higher, stronger and ones that can only suffocate our Democracy; that same “Democracy” that many have sacrificed their lives to reach – though by no does this suggest that we’ve reached the perfect model.

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