It is most certainly the case the Prime Minister is the Weakest link in the nation at the moment; plenty of evidence of complete/utter incompetence – but she is by no means the only weak link. Leadership of other political parties seem to follow the concept of leading from behind. There every move seems to calculated NOT based on a pragmatic /holistic vision for the country but rather by narrow political considerations of where the votes lie and piecemeal criticism of government policy; truly a sad story of a very proud nation. However it is at times like this where political parties should reach out and bridge their differences to save/unite the nation. But why is this not happening here? Simple; because of rigid minds that have been adapted to think in a box of steel while the country continues to pay the ultimate price.

I do NOT know when this status quo will last but we’d better learn some lessons from this sad experience and make the necessary adjustments in our political eco system so that we never repeat these mistakes in future. Three big lessons include;

  1. We need more Independents in parliament
  2. We need to properly vet political candidates & be more activists – ones driven by facts and focused on the good of the nation rather than by pure ideology.
  3. We need to hold politicians accountable when they divert from their duty

More importantly we need to help our Democracy adapt/evolve to meet the demands of changing times – easily articulated but takes quite an effort/commitment to achieve – but let’s begin by having that conversation.

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