A BREXIT Nugget: A Politics Shakeup or Another Un-necessary twist to the BREXIT Talen (updated)

As if we’re not already intrigued by the BREXIT mess and what it has uncovered of the fragility of our Democracy/Values, today we here of  series resignations of 7 MP’s from the Labour Party no doubting their frustration of a major political party gone awry. The MP’s have decided to continue their term in parliament as Independents – not sure how ethical that is to remain serving as an MP – no I am sure but will drop it for a moment. Now I have always  been a strong advocate for the need of more Independent MP’s in Parliament as part of a massive shakeup desperately needed in British politics – like I mention in this post. However when a shakeup happens in this form and in this timing in the midst of a profound political battle to save our Democratic principles irrespective of in/out vote on BREXIT, it only translates to more chaos, distraction and with minimal effects when it comes to the outcome. If on the other hand this shake came in the form of a pragmatic unified cross party coalition to call for a peoples vote this I would understand and something I already called for in a previous post – here. So unless these resignations translates to a chained reaction to form such a decisive coalition it will be yet another unnecessary twist on the road towards BREXIT – and more importantly the end of our Democratic credentials. That said I continue to prefer the cross-party coalition as a more effective/ethical approach towards fighting the flawed BREXIT process otherwise it undermines the cause.

What we need is Meaningful Action NOT a Distraction

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