Let me briefly introduce you to Alex Jones, and let him do the rest of the talking which will provide more in-depth introduction and really speaks volumes of at least some of Trumps core support base. Alex Jones is an ultra-right radio host, a big supporter of Trump as he eloquently demonstrates. He is also a filmmaker, writer and conspiracy theorists which you might notice from the clip. Now the intention in this post is NOT to defend/attack Trump or his core base or counter the arguments made in this clip-in my view-and with all due respect-Mr. Jones is best left alone making his case and sticking with it and people can make their own judgment. I’ve actually come to believe that the best defence of Liberal values/traditions-at least partly-is the glaring incompetence of the Trump administration as well as exposing raw views of his supporter base. That said it is not just about being critical or demonstrating the views of that base but rather we need to engage more effectively with the ultra-right whether in the US or throughout Europe because we really need to establish some common grounds by mainly finding ways to move away from extreme ideology. As part of this engagement we need to agree to on some fundamentals;

  1. Fighting all forms of disinformation in the media &  online while maintaining support for a free media.
  2. Anti-establishment is not a license for racism nor is it a license for scrapping traditional government structures & processes-ones that have taken generations to develop/enhance. This is particularly important when considering the separation of powers.
  3. Winning elections is not a licence to impose policy without proper debate/consent of the real majority. There should always be oversight by traditional structures as a default in developing policy and not the exception. Whether this is about BREXIT or Trump winning the election same applies across the board.

I could write more of these points but I would prefer to leave you with the star of the show, Mr. Alex Jones, so enjoy the clip;

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