We continue to see gloomy forecasts for the UK’s economic growth due to the BREXIT train wreck first the OBR and the OECD (links below). On the other hand we see gang in charge of the British government shutting their eyes, closing their ears as they stampede their way towards the BREXIT doors. So more forecasts & analysis is NOT going to make much difference at this to this gang. I’ve written many posts about way the forward and other views on BREXIT if you’d care to search the site. Here I would like to focus on 2 simple priorities that to me are very important and came up in a few of my recent tweets;

  1. The focus should be less on the forecasts and more on accountability of politicians for driving this cowboy/fascist style process that got us here and without the proper/objective evaluation putting country before narrow ideology/party. So the story should be just beginning for them and we should see them through a fair judicial process for demonstrating incompetence at one extreme to criminal/treasonous behaviour at the other.
  2. More importantly we need to learn some BIG lessons from this BREXIT experience and do all possible to enhance our political checks/balance structures & laws so that we prevent something like this from ever happening again in future.

Hope this helps.

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