It is becoming increasingly clear the level of Russian meddling into the US elections not just in terms of social media campaigns/ads but also through collusion by political actors that played key role in the process. It is therefore necessary for the British parliament to hold similar hearings as ones organised by the congress to assess the level of interference by Russia and other foreign actors (not just state actors) in the Referendum held in 2016 as a matter of national priority. We also need to ensure that our security services contribute towards this effort in representing the nation rather than any single political party.

If you agree with this view I would appreciate signing this petition, thanks.

Thanks much to all who have supported/signed this petition so far-truly appreciate it. This is an important issue that needs to be thoroughly investigated because there are enough clues out there to suggest there has been a level of interference/collusion and we need to be proactive in defending our Democracy and NOT just trust the current system – as it is without drastic reforms- to achieve this protection.

Link to Petition here (NO LONGER ACTIVE – see below)

****** Important Update******

Please note that the above petition was rejected due to there being an earlier petition with similar objective which I was not aware of at the time I created mine. So here is a link to the older petition which I have signed and is still active – please use this petition instead of the above – thanks;



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