Now that we are finally entering the BREXIT Tunnel we need to come together as Brits from both side of the argument to ensure the process provides maximum transparency to the public. Whether you have voted to Leave or Remain surely we all need to ensure government is accountable on terms reached because the result of Referendum does not give it a blank check to exit the EU at all costs-so the British government is now in a sense on notice by the British people to ensure a system of checks/balances are defined/applied on their behalf within the negotiations process. So here are demands we need from the government;

  1. On each of the individual items that are part of the negotiations, the government needs to ensure complete transparency of result once negotiation of that individual item have concluded.
  2. We need the government to provide best/worst case scenario (cost/benefit projections) balance sheet for exiting the EU. This estimate should include among others the following costs;
    • EU BREXIT Bill
    • Cuts in Fundings provided by the EU to different UK projects/agencies
    • Admin costs including the transition of EU policies to UK law, cost of maintaining standards currently applied by the EU and the backend personal/data used in the process.

It is obviously incomprehensible that the British government does not have such projections going into this process, but if so they should make this public as well as any estimates they may hold for the sake of transparency to the British people.

3. This is a repeat call I and many others made in the past about agreeing to automatically trigger a 2nd referendum if terms agreed are not consistent with expectations/assertions made to the British people by political leaders during the first referendum. If the government is serious about holding to the mandate of the first referendum, they cannot be allowed to debunk arguments/expectations that produced the result-this completely/utterly violates our core democratic values/principles as a nation irrespective of all the politics of this debate. So I would suggest that government officials involved NOT to  use the term “Mandate” as an excuse NOT to identify/deliver on promises made during the referendum campaign-this is NOT politics this is political corruption/fraud pure and simple.

Let me also mention here an important aspect; as we are still considered European citizens we are also protected by EU jurisprudence to ensure the British government is indeed acting on behalf of all British people in action not only in rhetoric, particularly when we are talking about the BREXIT process and the protections mentioned above. As a matter of fact this should hold true for any ?EXIT process and therefore EU judicial oversight is key in defining process/negotiations guidelines. 

Finally I would urge that we as Brits take this opportunity at a very significant point of our history to demonstrate that despite the politics of all this we remain united as a nation in demanding a fair process for all; I’ve written a few posts about the subject on the site. Also remember (who said anything about the ‘Finally’ paragraph being short) that the result of the referendum where very close this despite the eurosceptic camp having had 23 years or more to work on their exit agenda-since the days of Referendum Party in 1994. So results have NOT been as overwhelming as they would have you believe.

God Bless this United Kingdom

hear, hear, Prime Minister!

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