It turns out – as we learn from media reports NOT our British government – that the UK has agreed a deal where by the UK will remain in the Customs Union & Single Market during the transition period which means it will continue to accept all EU rules and responsibilities but will not have a seat at the table. If this is true then let me make the following brief points;

  1. This proposition proves yet again that this government is a bunch of ideologues/political hacks who recognise the challenges of BREXIT for the UK and do NOT have the courage to admit them. Instead of being honest about the challenges they make a sudden turn that merely extends the journey and does not solve anything. Instead we should expect a prolonged period of economic/political uncertainty while giving businesses more time to close their books and move elsewhere. This compounded with the fact that during this transition period we will have no say on rules/regulations directly affecting us and the bleak picture becomes even more stark not just of our position in the negotiations but our overall reputation with this BREXIT quagmire .
  2. Committing to this BREXIT path is a clear violation of the Referendum mandate which indicates BREXIT means BREXIT – no if or buts and certainly no talk of any transition period; so it seems the government continues the good old game of politics-as-you-go approach at a pivotal moment for the country. I say this as a moderate Remainer and feel a similar level of betrayal as I do with the many lies perpetrated by the Leave camp during the Referendum like the now infamous NHS funding pledge among many others. A principle has no allegiances.

Now just to cover all bases let me add a brief comment on the Labour Party’s position on this; it is really becoming a farce the continued change in policy of Labour which is now considering the option of supporting continued membership in the Customs Union and access to Single Market post the transition period. This flip-flop politics is really becoming very silly – and this coming from our major opposition party – kind of summarises the sad state of politics in this country and the timing makes it even worse. So here is a proposition I made earlier on Twitter to a Labour MP Chuka Umunna and I hope they see some wisdom is taking it forward.

Hope this helps.

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