I came across this video clip on YouTube published by Deutche Welle TV in 2013. Though a few years old I chose to post the first part of the program because it reflects my deep passion not only for classical music and great composers like Beethoven but also to the art of conducting. For me what I really like about this clip are 3 specific things;

  1. I love the conducting style of Paavo JärviPaavo Järvi is an Estonian / American conductor born in Tallinn, Estonia 1962 and is currently Artistic Director of The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Germany. For me his style/hand movements are quite efficient/effective (i.e. he is there more to lead from behind so to speak until moments where a musical phrase requires emphasis at which stage he takes back full control of the orchestra, then again he takes a back seat but just holds the tempo while allowing the orchestra space/allow music to flow without much instructions). I know this may all sound a bit weird but when watching the clip you’l understand what I mean – one can hope anyway.
  2. The second equally interesting thing in this clip is what this Beethoven Project is really all about which I find quite an exciting proposition; it’s about coming up with new contemporary interpretations of Beethoven music in terms of sound/tempo, instruments and the level to which they are emphasised in a musical phrase. To me this is about allowing music to evolve/adapt to changing times which could be very exciting journey of rediscovery in classical music – but can equally be applied to all forms of music.
  3. A unique orchestra where players are actually shareholders in the business and take part in management decisions.

OK, enough of me just blogging about so you can watch and hopefully enjoy the clip. Remember other parts of the program are on YouTube if you decide to watch the entire program.

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