This might be a self-serving post but it is an issue that does mean a great deal to me as a British citizen living in Europe. Having gone through the agreement signed today between the EU and the UK, particularly in relation to Citizen’s Rights I can see no provisions in this agreement about the possibility of UK citizens retaining their EU identity. It’s NOT all about rights of residence & addressing admin/legal status matters; we’re NOT pawns on a chess board you know. Some of us do take their identity seriously and are keen to retain both their UK & EU identity. I do not accept that any government or political entity like the EU has the right to revoke citizenship/identity based on agreements signed this without explicit consent of the individual involved. Questions of identity are certainly matters of Human Rights and ones that cannot be automatically revoked unless possibly in extreme situations where these rights are abused on basis of questionable allegiance as is the case with Terrorists.

So I call on the British government & the EU to make the necessary amendments to the agreement signed, to the effect that British and EU citizens caught in this BREXIT Quagmire are indeed able if they so wish to retain their dual identity in keeping with their current rights as citizens, particularly considering the flawed process that got us here.

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