The country continues to march forward towards a major political/economic decisions being led by a weak/confused PM who is solely powered by BREXIT ideologues. And if that weren’t enough we have an opposition party with no clear policy – more of a flip/flop approach towards BREXIT; so in brief a Parliament that cannot deliver a bottle of milk let alone a crucial vision on such an important issue. The strategy of BREXITEERS is simple; blame it on the country because people made the choice in the first referendum – that’s the message the BREXITEERS cling to; not much different from the GOP supporters of Trump in the US Congress despite his temperament/disastrous policies simply because he’s the President – which has transformed the Presidency into some kind of cult as Republican Senator Bob Corker recently commented in a recent interview. So to the BREXIT clan nothing else counts be it;

  1. Slim majority in recent parliamentary elections demonstrating lack of confidence in leadership.
  2. Flawed referendum with no clear vision/strategy and most of promises now down the drain.
  3. External political realities that have changed and that DO affect fundamentally the BREXIT decision.
  4. Evidence of internal/external interference in the Referendum
  5. No exit strategy even at this late stage in the negotiations which in my view translates to clear abuse of powers by the PM in triggering article 50 without a clear exit strategy – only a BREXIT HAGGLING STRATEGY.
  6. Resources being squandered and an economy that continues to suffer due to lack of clarity.

(*) Referendums are NOT designed to be a hit-and-run sting operation you know. They require parameters/guidelines to be acceptable and when situations change they need to be validated; this is Democracy NOT Clan politics. So PM stop talking like a broken record by repeating the suggestion that you’re delivering to the people – it is crystal clear to the blind that you’re following your clan in 1st place and your own ego in close second. 

With all the above we still seem to be blinded by party badges/colours and follow them in a straight jacket. Truly for me it is less about the BREXIT decision and more about the miserable state of our political system which has been exposed as a weak/ineffective system and more importantly quite harmful to the future of this country at so many levels – but that’s a different/long conversation altogether.

For now as I mentioned in previous posts the only proper way forward is a parliamentary coalition to pressure the PM or challenge her leadership to deliver 2 clear visions of the UK (IN & OUT) and putting it back to the British people to decide with proper guidelines/protections to prevent interference/influence. You see BREXIT in of itself guarantees nothing so we might as well take every precaution necessary to ensure we are indeed on the right track with a clear vision forward and supported by a united country; this is NOT rocket science but common sense. Tweaks to BREXIT strategy are nothing but political gambles – convenient short term patches if you like to help expedite BREXIT – to the future of this country; lets just NOT do that. In terms of whether current state of affairs in the House of Commons would allow such an approach I do not know, but I believe this is the only proper way forward and I am relatively certain our EU partners would be willing to provide us an opportunity to reconsider our options.

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