A BREXIT Nugget: A Coalition that Needs a Face & Direction

Let me first point out that I’ve made a conscious decision to keep policy related blogs short/simple to avoid diluting the message and save time/effort. So here goes;

Great to see that there is some effort towards something I’ve been calling for for years — links below – which is a cross-party coalition to address this BREXIT nugget (or Mac Nugget if you prefer). What seems to be lacking though is someone with leadership quality and a track record of unbiased politics to be the face of the coalition (away from party leaders by the way) and set some direction. I also continue to believe that waiting for a deal and making prejudgements is not the right way to go; as a matter of fact it can be viewed as following the current governments approach/track record to subvert Democratic processes in following a purely ideological path towards BREXIT – this should NOT be the approach in my view; after all sleaze is NOT a political quality that should be associated with this or any other political coalition and/or government.    

Hope this helps.

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