A remarkable vote in the House of Commons today and by no means a common sort of vote. You will see analysts all over the place with different sophisticated interpretations/analysis – but let me be my good old simplistic self as a “commoner”; this in simple terms is no short of a defeat for Democracy in this Great Britain of ours where a bunch of ideologues are playing catch with our future and we decided to let parliament watch – in fact parliament made that decision for us to make it easy. If we stick to the couch with all that’s happening around us well all I can say is let’s enjoy Our Laws and Our Economy because we won’t have anyone to share our “Successes” with in the near future.

Finally a point about Jaguar/Land Rover move to Slovakia; it seems to me that we have the habit of always focusing on the wrong area – either stupidly or by “design”; instead of focusing on closing our doors to the EU our main trading partner/ally we should instead focus on protecting our core industries & Media from foreign ownership otherwise we will always at the mercy of foreign players that do not have the interest of the country at heart controlling our economy and our info system – something I’ve blogged about before plenty.

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