I came across this clip on twitter of the BREXIT debate on a recent episode of the BBC’s Question Timedetail below. I listened attentively to the views of MP Sam Gyimah about BREXIT as you can view from the link below. Here is my response which I already shared on Twitter but felt it important enough to dedicate a special post for it on my blog site, so here goes;

Message to MP Sam Gyimah re BBC Question Time on BREXIT
With all due respect re BBC question time where you suggest that despite inaccuracies of expectations set forth in Ref – though one side has the dramatic impact of unravelling a 40+ relationship with the EU – we should go ahead anyway because it’s now the UK vs EU; this is absurd in every sense of the word. So following that same logic if I go through a school or college exam and I am caught cheating on some questions I should pass anyway and focus on doing better in the next exam. To me this defies LOGIC and demonstrates clearly weak morals in our parliament one that is more than happy to normalise bad behaviour/conduct (or in this case a flawed process) rather than fixing the problem to ensure that our decision whatever it may be is one based on solid grounds. Sad for Britain, very sad for Britain particularly to see a new generation of politicians thinking this way.

However now that I have the benefit of space let me make a few other points;

  1. Using the school/college exam analogy may be simple but that’s the intention because it emphasises the example we set to the new generation. This while obviously NOT taking away from this being the most consequential vote for this country as the context. Also 2 wrongs don’t make a right if the argument is that both sides cheated, right?
  2. I am all for the new generation taking it’s rightful place at the head of the pack when it comes to shaping the future and taking lead roles in politics. You can search this site using terms like “new generation” & “democracy” and you’ll find plenty of posts that take that view. That said let me point out that the new generation should NOT follow but lead; this implies they need to be critical thinkers in re-evaluating the mould (or paradigm) of current politics & political structures and NOT be coached into following them blind folded otherwise the experience is merely going to be a repetition of the old visions/failures. It’s all about the approach in doing politics or being an activist in this area. I’ve written quite a bit on the subject so will leave it here.
  3. Mr Gyimah in the second tweet below seems to suggest that Theresa May’s response to Donald Trump’s tweet where sufficient/appropriate. I’ve already unpacked this one in the following post in case you’re interested to have a read; A Message to the Prime Minister

So there we are and hope you find these views shared above relevant and conversation starters because our overall objective is the same, what’s best for our country moving forward irrespective of ideological prejudices.


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