Forget about the politics of it all; Border Controls, Customs Union, Single Market, Remainer, Brexiteer etc. Let’s all agree on a few basics;

With the weak Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street leading (or to be more accurate by the look of things; is being led by) a shambolic government our reputation continues to get direct hits on a daily basis due to lack of Clarity, Planning and Vision. Today was no exception when the PM travelled to Brussels without a plan or coordination with the DUP – so no deal struck and a complete waste of time. This translates to a real time cost for the country at many levels; financial, economic, social and security among others. We’re already paying this additional bill for this mess so let’s also agree to hold this government to account for the flawed process they’ve engineered and for triggering article 50 without sufficient preparation and proper assessment of BREXIT’s impact to ensure we go into the negotiations based on a solid/pragmatic foundation driven by facts NOT fiction/narrow ideology. This in my judgment is a clear-cut case of Dereliction of Duty at the highest level of government, and should be a prosecutable offence as is the case in any other scenario whether in business or public service.

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