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Time to Unplug BREXIT!

From an overzealous growth plan to pure austerity; this in a matter of weeks by the same sad old government that is little over a month old. The newly appointed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt comes in with big inspiring changes summarised by the letter “U”; his focus being squarely driven by […]

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The British Conservative Party Running Out of Leaders, Running Out of Ideas and Running Out of Options – but Unlucky for us poor sods They Have Time to Kill

The worst part in all of this – as we’ve seen many times before – once someone crashes at No. 10, it’s terribly difficult to not only get rid of them but also select someone competent enough to take charge simply because the system is designed from the ground up […]

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“mini boris” is on a role!

Recently I’ve tried to resist the temptation to write political posts as I pretty much said all I cared to say on many topics but today I decided to post a brief comment on the recent attempt by some in parliament to topple mini boris from power – I even […]

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