This man surpassed the level of corruption and coarseness we’ve ever seen in British politics but he is there for many reasons; one of which I would like you to listen to in this speech by Sajid Javid’s resignation speech in parliament today

Yes my friends you heard it plane and simple;
-> it’s NOT fair for ministerial colleagues
-> it’s NOT fair for parliamentary colleagues
-> it’s NOT fair for conservative members & voters

Where the hell does the British public at large (irrespective of political affiliation) and the national interest come into play? They don’t play at all and this is by design; in every election cycle the public is there to be charmed by politicians and their wisdom, then they need to go to sleep until the next elections. Better yet the British public has been pretty much conditioned to accept their inability to affect the fate of a leader once elected and therefore they choose to follow the traditional passive approach when leaders are deemed unfit to govern, and however chaotic things turn out (I cannot imagine the same situation happening anywhere in Europe – the people wouldn’t let it pass). The people that do the actual playing are members of the party in charge and there is nothing anyone beyond the political elite that can actually do anything about it. It is their self-interest and loyalties to their leader/party that is the main driver to their silence; it’s a kind of treason to the nation because remember there is a national cost every day a corrupt politicians remains in charge however excuses we hear from them once we reach the boiling point. It’s just beyond belief a leader in supposed democracy has to be coached to resign – is this Middle East  and we got the navigation wrong?

For the people cheering mini Boris for achieving BREXIT let me just ask you; which version of BREXIT? Is it the version he signed on and now trying to ditch with the NI protocol? More importantly the argument is NOT about achieving something but the cost/value analysis of achieving it in terms of genuine true national interest NOT personal preferences of ideological biases. This is an analysis that has yet to be had during/since the referendum with all the twists/turns we continue to see to this day of BREXIT negotiations & ramifications of a plan that wasn’t well defined/articulated beyond reaching the exit doors; yet on the other hand it seems that the leader of the opposition Labour party is more than happy to ignore the simple reality and the fact that many are suffering due to BREXIT with absolutely no viable alternative vision for the country in this twilight zone we seem to be living it. We may be here today because of BREXIT but irrespective of its future the Brits really need to stand up and be counted in this archaic/corrupt political we see today. As I mentioned in many of my previous posts the overhaul of this archaic political system is long overdue and the British public need to ensure they have skin in the game if our Democracy has any future at all.

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