From an overzealous growth plan to pure austerity; this in a matter of weeks by the same sad old government that is little over a month old. The newly appointed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt comes in with big inspiring changes summarised by the letter “U”; his focus being squarely driven by market perceptions rather by a viable long term economic strategy for this country. Austerity in my opinion does not address the fragility of our economic infrastructure but rather compounds it. We need a well balanced/well defined economic strategy rather than doing reactionary patch work merely to suit short-term market forces. In that spirit we need less ideological / more pragmatic leaders willing for the sake of this country to re-open debates that directly/significantly impact our economic power/influence and BREXIT is most certainly one of those unresolved matters that continues to linger on because it has profound implications on our future as has been proven – like it or not; particularly now that we’ve learned the hard way that promises/expectations made about post-BREXIT Britain were largely/by design based lies/disinformation coupled narrow nationalist ideologies. Let’s stop wasting time/effort & whats left of precious resources and finally make bold decisions to reverse the self-inflicted economic/political chaos we’ve been facing since 2016.

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