Recently I’ve tried to resist the temptation to write political posts as I pretty much said all I cared to say on many topics but today I decided to post a brief comment on the recent attempt by some in parliament to topple mini boris from power – I even heard that Jeremy Hunt was first runner up to replace him (holy moly!!!). Anyway it seemed quite obvious that the majority of conservative MPs would back him and that’s what happened. So here’s my take;

Many of us – myself included –  keep talking/repeating about the need for change of the archaic British governance model that is slowly yet systematically destroying a nation and chipping away all of what’s left of its democratic credentials; but that’s half the story. The other more fundamental and more urgent change is the one that should happen to the British citizen as the last line of defence for a country when politicians hijack core values of a nation – a damage that is likely to take generations to reverse. This is NOT about politics any more but about values that are being dragged through the mud and that will inevitably have long term political and economic ramifications. If Brits left-right and centre allow themselves to be governed by these political hacks when the parliamentary system is broken instead of engaging in all forms of meaningful/organised activism including protests they should not complain when consequences hit home. With all respect to online & media activism from the public, journalists and politicians this is precisely the place where the current government hacks want you to waste your time complaining; tweeting, blogging, podcasting, hosting chat shows and liking things. In other words with the political mess we face today we only have 1 of 2 choices (and with all due respect to all); either put up or shut up. Political parties and decent Conservative MPs who voted for the motion to topple this mad man in charge should take the lead in this direction of organised activism.

So to sum up, we the governed need to change our approach in facing up to politicians governing us otherwise we’ll always be living on a cliff edge however the political coin flips with the next election because an election my friends is NOT the end game and cannot be used as the carte blanche for politicians to do as they choose.

Just a thought

Democracy is Priceless

But It’s Protection has a Cost That Must Be Shared

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