As some may have noticed I have for some time now been deliberately trying to stay away from political posts particularly affecting the BREXIT conundrum. But recently I discovered by accident something that’s been in the works for some time now and I just learned about it now as I was trying to stay far away from any form of BREXIT updates. It is a shocking yet expected news from where I stand and the proof of that is the following post I wrote in 2018 which anticipated this precise scenario. The news is about the British – so called government – signing a memorandum of understanding with Sri Lanka among possibly other Asian nations to recruit healthcare professionals to fill in the shortage of staff in the NHS. Now let me state right off the bat I have absolutely no issue with migrants from anywhere in the world – me being a non-European migrant myself – but it’s quite “fancy”and being overly generous with the term here – to have the actual accomplishment of BREXIT to be merely the exchange of European migrants with Asian migrants. It is quite obvious to the blind that the migrant question which pretty much drove the BREXIT referendum agenda was a ruse that many took at face value without proper understanding of the facts and implications; just punchlines and soundbites. Obviously one could go on about the the many lies that never actually materialized from the BREXIT camp but that would be an utter waste of time; the facts are clear for all to see and there is nowhere for them to hide. However, the cardinal problem for me which I continue to mention in my posts is about another fact which I also mentioned in the 2018 post below which is this; the country is being led by a combination of people with suspect allegiances and others who lack any form of competence and that pretty much summarizes the state of the current political race to Downing Street. But then again I have to remind myself -before I go berserk – that the current state of play in Britain is a matter of choice by the people; including inaction I might add. If the political system becomes broken and dysfunctional one can choose to follow the political tradition irrespective of the rot from within or choose to demand meaningful change now for the sake of future generations; before the “s” hits the fan…..again. Yes it is nice to have parties and ensure holiday travel experiences are less complicated, but people need to take notice that the nation is hurting and we all need to stick together if we are to come of the deep nose dive in “1 piece”. Choices are limited and time is not a friend.

Hope this helps.

PS: To those politicians and activists fighting BREXIT online let me say this; a) It ain’t about BREXIT no more but about a nation crashing with the main political leaders intent in keeping a status quo despite lies and failures. b) It won’t work; online is great for forums and exchange of political ideas but is not designed for driving a revolution for change which is what is needed urgently.

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