8The mere occurrence of the trade/economic warfare nowadays particularly when propagated by an unstable leader – sorry Covfefe – irrespective of where they lead demonstrates in no uncertain terms why Great Britain (including “England” just for those who believe we’re loosing our English “identity”) needs to be part of the EU and it’s precisely why our adversaries would like us to cut from the the Union. But then again it is NOT only a question of Economics but equally important a question of Liberal/Democratic Values/Traditions which are now under threat all over the world. This is truly NOT fear-mongering as some would like us to believe, but rather a reality check of a world that is changing fast and needs some powerful levers to guide us through difficult times – likely to continue for some time. Leaving the EU at this stage would be like an election between 2 candidates reflecting 2 completely different visions; a Democrat and an Ideologue, then comes a third weaker Democrat candidate who does nothing but break the vote in favour of the despicable ideologue – and here you need not worry Covfefe it ain’t you as any connotation of the term “Idea” is a bit sophisticated for your good self after all moron’s have a valid excuse; I hope you get the point. Every indication suggests that Britain without the EU will have much less influence and will become the goto place for powerful U.S, Arab, Asian and Russian interest groups who will become the de facto controllers of our Economy, Policy, Media among others because these will be our bread makers. As for migrants well, now companies are already crying foul due the slump of EU migrants (link below) – the lowest level since 2013 – but as we still need migrants for our industry & public services we’ll merely be trading migrants from the EU for others from far away places – now that should be an interesting forced Cultural Change Program – rather than an Exchange Program. On the other hand if there is indeed a workaround in the BREXIT agreement to avoid this problem then that would be another BREXIT promise that bites the dust, so now we can all Fall Off The Cliff Safely & Pointlessly. Let’s wake up and smell the coffee cause time is running out.

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