Is this really the best we can hope to salvage our Democracy; accept a fudged non-inclusive process that delivers a morphed definition of BREXIT based on a flawed Referendum that has been proven to be driven by foreign influence and some illegal and other questionable campaign financing – and we have yet to explore whether  there is a connection here between both? This not to mention the wonderful implications when we signal an “amber” light to business and our economy in general or perhaps better to give them a temporary/free parking space until we find out which way to go; really exciting /daring stuff. How about the accountability aspect of kick starting a process with no viable plan beyond a haggling strategy and a government keen to circumvent our Democracy after loosing majority in parliament in order to carry on with this flawed process with what is now a questionable legitimacy. Here is what I see; by accepting this cookie we are in effect lowering the bar of our Democratic structures/institutions and credentials and legitimising rule through subversion of our Democracy – but then again these are matters of our own free choice/will. It is also unfortunate that, the so called “Liberal” leaders/parties are in effect normalising this vision when there is nothing normal about it, and they continue to talk to themselves in front the mirror – to their support base – rather than put forth a pragmatic solution that attempts to unite all under a single/balanced vision to take us out of this mess. I truly feel that for Liberal Parties/Leadership BREXIT represents an opportunity lost in making a strong case of Liberal vision/values – but no siree Bob it’s back to the good old politics as usual and lead from behind, thanks very much.


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