An excellent article – link below – by Anne Irfan Teaching Fellow in Middle Eastern History, University of Sussex tries to effectively unpack what is termed the “Deal of the Century” devised the political genius Jared Kushner mmmm…Son in Law of the President of the United States. I would suggest to have a read of this article with this little nugget;

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the Middle East is a central issue that is linked to many others issues in the region. It’s also fair to say that foreign intervention is one of the root causes that created these conflicts and continues to shape them moving forward; that’s the real “Ordeal of the Century”. It is also fair to say that the effects of these conflicts continue to echo far and wide; from terrorism, to immigration to flat-out war & ethnic cleansing; so unless we start paying attention and help resolve (not merely de-escalate) the situation we helped create these echo’s will grow ever louder.

Finally, just to say that it’s truly sad to watch tremendous decline of basic principles of human dignity, rights/values  – and where to we see this decline – in a region so rich in tradition/religious history as the land where the 3 main religions originated. So let me suggest this; no oil, technology, luxury buildings/lavish lifestyles, land is worth 1 dime without these basic human principles/values not just in terms of moral calculus but it’s also a false economy & unworkable political strategy and history is our only proof. With all that said, I am pretty much an optimist on this issue and do believe we can make amends that can help end this conflict once and for all with a win-win/feasible proposition for the parties involved – and this is NOT fake news.


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