This is not necessarily a great rating particularly when it reflects easing standards when it comes to selecting customers/doing deals where values take a back seat to make a quick buck and yet the transaction eventually ends up on your debit column in the long term and signs of approaching migrant boats is sadly just a teaser. Unfortunately shortsighted/short term financial incentives focused on purely local/nationalist consumption/interest seem to be the driving force in terms of priority of leading western nations/alliances; this is easy yet sloppy politics that compounds damage inflicted to other nations the consequences of which lands right back on our laps to deal with. All this at a time where the conflict of ideologies will in my opinion eventually decide the real winner/losers of the future. The value system based on western ideology is by far the most secure/viable tried/tested way to be able to build on in order to maintain leverage/power – both hard & soft – while in the transactional world – believe you me – the west will be unable to maintain the edge for much longer and will in fact begin to suffer for choosing to adopt it in the first place.

We need to remember 1 simple fact that is solid as they come and one that no border can control; The world is round so what goes around comes around.

Just a thought.

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