Echo’s from the West; Once upon a time we used to brag of the wests soft power approach in promoting liberal/democratic values around the world. Though it was by no means perfect in terms results due to several factors including consistency it was at least compatible with our belief system. Now as we’re busy building/strengthening our Great Wall of Europe to lock ourselves in our adversaries are building bridges around the world but with a completely different transactional system, one that appeases/promotes a completely opposite governance model while filling spaces with historical connections with the west that we’ve abandoned after torching their future with a flawed foreign policy agenda that have in many instances created regional conflicts because the focus at the time was on resource draining rather than nation building/political development. Now we’re trying to transform/compete with this new model but the ramifications are not pretty and are landing on our shores but the historical context is also important to establish context. Instead of projecting influence we are at the phase at of introjection which is distorting our core/fundamental value system, so how precisely will this new era work for us?

Just a thought!

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