Any Excuse to Abuse – The GOP’s Trump Loyalists Motto

It was truly disgusting to watch congressmen/women continue serving their good old excuse juice for Donald Trump even after his clear role in inciting the Capitol Hill carnage. Think of it for a second;

  • These are the same people who cried foul when Hillary Clinton allegedly abused her power in undermining national security by using a private email server for official public communications rather than using official State Department servers; I thinks this also happened by members of Trump Inc.
  • These are the sample people who sought to undermine the Presidency of Barack Obama from day 1 of his inauguration, and fuelled conspiracy theories about his place of birth/his legitimacy to rule.
  • These are the same people who demanded retribution for Hillary Clintons alleged role in failing to protect U.S embassy staff during the U.S. embassy Benghazi attack in 2012.
  • These are the same political hacks that now stand shoulder to shoulder with a President who’s actions directly caused a terrorist attack on Capitol Hill which resulted in the death of 5 Americans – NOT in Benghazi , Kabul or Baghdad but in the heart of America by Americans

Why you may wonder is this level of loyalty that one only tends to see in Middle East Sheikhdom’s; well I suspect their answer would go something like this; it’s just politics you understand – nothing to do with values or national security or anything like that. We just love this guy for allowing us to program whatever exists under that thick / bushy skull of his in order to take the actions we really really wanted to achieve, so as loyal friends we grant him impunity from accountability of any form, any time, any where – after all what are friends for – you see how simple it is friend…oh and we like golfing with him too!”.

Wow hang on to your hats, American Democracy has certainly come a long long way in its evolution that its becoming now largely unrecognisable. All this thanks to these political hacks who see values/principles as an obstacle to rather than a foundation for governance; they call them Trump Enablers. OK I get that part well, but only up until the moment the Capitol Hill events began to play out and the consequences that resulted from this catastrophe. Then in my personal opinion this continued support for Trump despite inciting the violence can only be transformed from being an enabling factor to treasonous factor pure/simple. You think I’m exaggerating; OK here are 2 dictionary definitions of Treason:

  • a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state
  • the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

We always complain that partisan politics always seems to put party before country; the situation here is different because it’s actually putting politics before the constitution and before national security; if this is NOT a betrayal of country I do not know what is really. How can America in good conscience turn and convict others for treason when committing similar or less crimes? Better yet how can the terrorist that committed the insurrection – or other foreign terrorist for that matter – be prosecuted  when the people inciting them are given a special golden pass? In a situation like this they should be calling for a compensation for their prosecution.

As for my comments on the Democrats strategy during the impeachment hearing you can have a read in my recent post – link below.

Sara Palin v2.0 With the Unfixed Bugs

This seems to be the new shining star of the GOP – her name is Lauren Boebert  a Congresswoman from Colorado – a state I’d love to visit one day by the way as a nature photographer. She definitely looks bright/sharp that is until she actually opens her mouth then you get the real picture and it ain’t pretty; [same old – same old] – and old is a keyword here – GOP hot air just neatly packaged. She’s  someone with a strong passion to be on the front row but presents little in terms of logic or making an effective argument; someone that talks punchlines but has little in the way of substance – indeed Sarah Palin reincarnated. She also reminds me of recent post I made on BREXIT – link below – talking specifically about Health Minister Matt Hancock in describing people like him as the generation of baggage handlers nothing else – people who are excellent at absorbing then spewing content – i.e. move content from a  to b – but have little in the way of experience that allows them to develop/deliver quality content/arguments; in other words as far as the GOP is concerned she is most definitely in the right place.

Taking a step back from all the above one can say that what we face today is in many ways of our own making because – without intention to sound too philosophical here – rather than using good times to evolve as a society the only evolution we managed to achieve was in technology, consumption and undermining values  many of which we once stood for. The Human/Social factor was our blind side and now it’s payback time so our options are kinda limited and our choices are kinda stark if you get my drift.

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Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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