Yesterday I posted a clip – an emotional clip/link below – by Filmmaker/Writer Michael Moore. I enjoyed watching every bit of it and I wholeheartedly agree with all his views about the Capitol Hill disaster. But on reflection I believe his views were squarely focused on detail – and rightly so because there is plenty to uncover in terms of how this event transpired and who was involved from within – whether it be within security forces, Congress or any other key players in this incident; the main inciters we already know because everyone saw them in action. But all this is kind of the dust that needs to be filtered out properly; but once this is achieved and in order to prevent this situation from ever occurring in future everyone has to admit that this situation was long time coming. This is not an event that is just attributed to broken politics, racism  growing disparity between rich & poor or immigration; rather it is much simpler than that – it’s about  Gun Control (or to be more accurate Guns Out of Control & the weird phenomenon of militia groups in America; there is plenty of history here and though I’m no expert in the historical aspects of this I provide a single source at the end of the post as well as the following of a documentary by Deutsche Welle (DW) aired on October 2020 would you believe. In other words this is a well known fact for many many decades and in my personal opinion as a non-American any Constitutional amendment that allows this state of lawlessness needs to be re-amended. The sheer idea of baring arms to protect your rights is completely counter to the idea of equal rights in a Democracy (it’s absolutely absurd and makes no sense whatsoever….well in my opinion). What about the argument baring arms to protect the Constitution; well guess what, there are indeed well armed people who are there to do precisely that called the Police force or the very sophisticated/expensively armed military if necessary. In my opinion this concept of protecting the 2nd amendment is nothing more than a predominantly white supremacist cover to maintain & show control as we’ve seen a few days ago; now known as the Army of Trump and will be renamed in future to whoever comes after him in supporting the cause. So this is a big challenge for America similar in a way to Obamacare which I suppose was an important step towards achieving Universal Healthcare for all that former President Obama introduced because they both are intended to save lives except that with Gun Control it’s also a matter of National Security. President-Elect Biden & Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris have a steep mountain to climb once in office and I wish them all and for America the very best but I also hope the former Presidents (minus the Forty Oops President of the United States of course) can contribute some efforts to bring about a much needed change so that Gun Control can really begin to mean something.

Deutsche Welle Documentary

Clip from one of my favorite movies (The Survivors 1983)

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