Thanks to age-old documentary from the 1980’s presenting British politics in its full glory Yes Minister/Prime Minister that 41 years on we can see that we’re faithful to the cause of an age-old Democracy that is on its final leg – that is unless of course we consciously decide that we need to evolve and make a habit of constant/consistent evolution. Watching this interview with Matt Hancock then comparing it with the clip from Yes Prime Minister is indeed funny but in so many ways it is not. It is watching a young chap representing a bright new generation in top job yet with no skill/experience whatsoever related to the department he is in charge for and more importantly talks/behaves like someone a few generations older than he is; I call people like him the baggage handler generation. I am from an older generation than Matt Hancock yet I want the new generation to kick-in through the doors to reach leadership positions NOT to carry our baggage but to bring in new ideas / approaches to solve problems with a combination of hard work and personal integrity. One day Britain I hope we can follow many other European countries examples of bringing in bright/young pragmatic leaders that are true to the nation and more importantly are true to their important role in helping us continually evolve as a Democracy – not someone programmed and runs in automation mode as if one is speaking to a robot; similar to AI technology but less the “I” which makes it more of a Hazardous Technology.

The British Guide to Dodging A Question (or Dodging Democracy)

And this sadly is the end of the story on British Democracy (claimed to be the oldest Democracy)….or will it be????

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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