Watching a bit of the impeachment hearing today I was so frustrated I decided to shut the TV down. Here is the main problem; Democrats have prepared speeches focusing on proof of Trumps abuse of power while the GOP congressman seem less concerned with prepared statements but focusing on how Democrats are trying to impeach at any cost. So the mistake the Democrats seem to be doing is focusing entirely on Trump’s culpability rather than shooting down each/everyone one of the GOP arguments head on. Everyone knows/understands Trump’s abuse of power – excluding his base of course – GOP enablers are only making stupid arguments why not to impeach and these should be challenged and also highlighted as why they should also take responsibility for their actions in enabling Trump; NOT based on his actions but rather for the political gains achieved during his term-much of which are debatable to say the least hence the election results Presidential & in Congress. Of course Democrats need to make case for abuse of power but the thrust of their challenge has to be responding to counter arguments of doing nothing or worse still enabling Trump & extremist supporters to the point of reaching to the Capitol Hill carnage – a direct correlation and now they just want to hear nothing about it and just swiftly turn a page…..really……oh really????

That’s all I want say; now I can get some peace of mind.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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