A brilliant speech by former President Barack Obama about the state of play in American politics – sort of the unpacking this conundrum we all face today, not just in the U.S; he certainly unpacked the GOP and the current “dis-adminstration”. More importantly it is an inclusive/pragmatic vision forward one that shines a light to remind us of our core Democratic values/credentials irrespective of political affiliation (Liberal or Conservative) a divide that has been intentionally overstretched to it’s limits and is causing us all to loose our ideological/ethical bearings and head towards a place where there are no actual winners. As he mentions in the speech – and as I eluded to in a similar post below – “Covfefe” and the alt-right is a symptom not the cause of change in the political landscape so my suggestion is let’s keep changing until we evolve out of this mess a stronger Democracy throughout the West and possibly the world.

Every time I watch this guy I become optimistic, but we still need to work hard to earn the change and move forward, right?

Hope this helps.

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