The King of Fake

We learn today that Trump inauguration crowd photos were edited after he intervened – whether he used another one of “Executive Orders” I am not so sure 🙂 In other words he’s officially now the “King of Fake” or “Fake King” whichever title you choose; I am good for either or both – that’s what I call flexibility because he’s earned it 🙂 This may not account for much considering the dizzying state of affairs with his administrations (or dare I say dis-administration) since coming to office, but it is a point nonetheless. The main problem now is the fact that Republican Party – what I call the Sad Old Party (SOP) – has become the 2nd line of defence to this president and they know full well that if he falls they themselves become “defenceless”. Their choices are pretty clear; either do damage control by taking a stand so you can live to fight another day, or entrench and stick with a sinking ship and just keep praying; morality and integrity are sadly not part of the equation. The obvious path they decided to take is the 2nd choice so now they inextricably linked to this president and will follow him to the depth of the Earth. 

The World of Senator Lindsey Graham

It’s kind of awkward watching the emotional eulogy for late Senator John McCain delivered by Senator Lindsey Graham – below – and the wonderful tributes to Senator McCain and his integrity as a politician. You may like to learn from him Sen. Graham as you mention in this clip but I suspect what you “may” have learned from Senator McCain you’re keeping very close to your chest rather than apply it in real life. 

It is sad to see the state of affairs in the United States these days, but as I eluded in the post below, there are unconventional ways to turn the tide when conventional ways fail.

Welcome to the Lindsey Graham World where Temperament, Integrity, Morality and Loyalty to Country takes 2nd place to politics – or no place if we’re completely honest about it but I’m just trying hard to be nice. 

And finally this “Hypocrisy” clip from the Brett Kavanaugh hearing followed by my own comments;

Now these are quite interesting comments from Senator Graham which seems to be the goto approach when defending GOP policy; look at the previous approach of Democratic members of Congress – “pure hypocrisy” he says. Sounds good, OK but here’s the problem;

a) You’re defending policy based on the notion of; “if they can do “X” – and here is “hypocrisy” – we can do it just as good and even better”; granted the GOP/SOP proved that point quite well and it certainly is true that Democrats may well have used similar strategies in the past – we know the broken political system has not evolved in a day. However when you defend policy you do so based on Merits, Values, Facts and equally important is Fair Process not the tit-for-tat politics or using your control in Congress to whistle away your agenda; an approach I assume you would be teaching kids – but now you’re with the big boys.

b) What the United States is dealing with in this Trump administration is NOT personal indiscretion as was the situation with President Bill Clinton but more a National and possibly International – let’s say  “Challenge” at many levels – that is in wider world which may not be yours of course. So these are NOT normal times – just in case you haven’t noticed – and for politicians to suggest or even hint that these are not exceptional times with exceptional challenges thanks to an ignorant/egotistical/non-idea based leader then you’re doing a disservice to your Country. Finally to suggest that “hypocrisy” is indeed the mode of play in the U.S. Congress and “that’s just the way it is”, all I can say is “Shame on you Senator”. You’ll certainly find people clapping, and cheering your jabs, but let me suggest that it is the U.S that is ultimately at the receiving end of these jabs.

Finally Senator Graham I love you’re Texan accent and the way you articulate your views, but Senator politics is much more than presentation.

Hope this helps.

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