The view that we continue to hear time and again is something I’ve posted about a while back – link below – is that Trump himself is “The National Security Threat” – and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I claim that in fact he’s the ultimate “International Security Threat” considering his position. But at times of political crisis we take comfort/pride in the U.S. – or even in the UK for that matter – that our Democracy has a set of Checks & Balances that protects the country from rogue politicians with Parliament & the Judiciary being a big part of that system. However we are now seeing cracks all over the place that demonstrates in no uncertain terms that this system is not as solid as we might have thought. One can take the time to reflect on that to understand that we should have seen this dangerous conundrum coming at us in very slow motion over decades through poor management of our political eco system not to mention the amount of corruption that stained our Democracy and the influence of lobbyists & special interest groups – but that’s for another day. What we need now desperately is an urgent patch to help sort the situation whether related to Trump or BREXIT – which in my view are 2 faces of the same coin – until such time when we have the luxury of “Time” to look at the big picture and make the necessary overhaul to our political system based on lessons learned. So as I also eluded in previous posts we need to do 2 things;

  1. We need to stop focusing on Trump or Theresa May – 2 unscrupulous/non-ideological politicians driven by ego alone. They are there because this system of Checks & Balances ain’t working that well. Focusing on them/their actions is merely a distraction by focusing on what’s done rather than what needs to be done. 
  2. Politicians should start taking off party badges and make a stand. It sounds simple, doesn’t it – well it really is that simple. The only thing in the way is decades of partisan politics which can for the moment be chucked out of view until the national emergency is over. It would be great if/when we begin to see Congressman & MP’s take a stand (not a pass or a temporary glitch of a stand) and create a unified coalition (even a temporary structure) based on principle and political integrity to help solve this nugget – remember we need to be creative sometimes, right?

The take away I suppose is that we need to use unconventional strategies when we see failures in our system of Checks & Balances; in this case we need individual politicians to demonstrate that political Integrity & the concept of Country over Party on an individual level is that last line of defence for our Democracy – this should be the approach we adopt moving forward.

Am I a dreamer? Well I may well be one but then again we have to start somewhere, right?

Hope this helps.

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