The BREXIT farce continues unabated and now Theresa May tries another stunt to coerce MPs to accept her mantra of “My Deal or No Deal” approach by threatening that if her deal doesn’t go through there may be no BREXIT – well now here ’s clarity of the “philosophy” of this political hack who is keen to delivery BREXIT irrespective of the changing support landscape for the deal; that’s the state of British politics for you in a “Nut in a shell”.

So here is a simple message to all MP’s on both sides of the BREXIT argument;

Parliament was never designed as a political instrument to help bypass/suppress the voice of the people, nor are elections an open mandate to force decisions down the throat of the electorate. In a proper Democracy there is no such thing as a limit to referendums or debates particularly when consequential decisions are at stake, so that’s an excuse we can pretty easily throw out the window in a nano second. Democracy is an ongoing process that does not start/end with a General Election or a Referendum – Parliament should be leading by example on this understanding otherwise our Democracy is doomed. So When the political system is broken, When there is a consequential agreement reached and When there is no clarity on the level of support the only way forward is a People’s Vote – which cannot be substituted for a General Election which if conducted at this precise moment translates to further/prolonged division/uncertainty and only serves political strategists – this can be done post In/Out vote by the people. In other words if we got the scheme wrong so far in the game, we need to return to square 1 and build consensus without furthering the risk to this country, it’s resources and reputation in this twilight zone we seem to be living in at the moment. 

I would therefore urge MP’s across the party divide with any sense of moral integrity and who do care about our Democracy more than party politics to stage a walk out from Parliament until such time that a People’s Vote is agreed for the simple reason that Parliament ceases to represent the people when it is used as a backdoor to bypass/suppress the ultimate/unfiltered will of the people; Parliament after all is a tool that Serves the People and NOT a tool for Special Interests/Lobbyists – internal or external; this is really what’s at stake and nothing else.

Hope this helps.


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