The Idea of a Citizens Assembly to Resolve the BREXIT Nugget

Attempts to resolve the BREXIT nugget with bespoke ideas are are currently being assessed within what you may call the political establishment. One such idea is that of a Citizens Assembly similar to ones used in Ireland & Canada to resolve difficult issues. While I do not know much about this particular structure I am willing to concede it may well be an idea worth exploring in the medium-long term. However where we are in this BREXIT process requires urgent action and politicians taking a stand to protect the right for the people to vote on an existing deal. This not to mentioned that with a political system as broken as it currently it is I do not see that such a consideration would gain any support from hardliners on both sides. This idea for me seems like a sloppy approach to dodge the prospect of facing up to party leadership and making a firm political stand in parliament as I mentioned this post; THE BREXIT WALKOUT – STOP THE TALK & DO THE WALK . So for proponents of this idea please get real and stop coming up with silly excuses like the excuse of expediency to avoid a 2nd Referendum – a People’s Vote is the only viable Democratic solution so stop wasting time on these silly ideas – people in your position should know better.

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