BREXIT: A Choice Between Shooting Yourself in the Head or Shooting Yourself in the Foot – but why Shoot Yourself at All

A brilliant article by Irish columnist Fintan O’Toole entitled It was never about Europe. Brexit is Britain’s reckoning with itself truly unpacks the reality of BREXIT and what it is all about – a highly recommended read. In the article Mr O’Toole makes a powerful case – which I agree with entirely – that BREXIT is more a reflection of an internal struggles we face in the UK today including;

“the deep uncertainties about the union after the Good Friday agreement of 1998 and the establishment of the Scottish parliament the following year; the consequent rise of English nationalism; the profound regional inequalities within England itself; the generational divergence of values and aspirations; the undermining of the welfare state and its promise of shared citizenship; the contempt for the poor and vulnerable expressed through austerity; the rise of a sensationally self-indulgent and clownish ruling class”. 

Mr. O’Toole also points to European leaders exasperation that the British have really been negotiating not with them, but with each other. The salient point of the article is more about the need to fix the archaic political system we live in than it is about exiting the EU, something I’ve mentioned in many of my previous posts like this one; The Sad State of Liberal Britain & The Way Forward to Build a New Model for Liberal/Progressive Politics albeit with less colourful/sophisticated language than he has put in this article where he lays out the entire context in supporting this proposition in relation to BREXIT. 

As for the current “Crash Talks” that Theresa May is making in her last ditch attempt to save her temporary shelter at 10 Downing Street let make another prediction that these talks will eventually lead nowhere since the gaps are pretty wide and as I mentioned before the political system is all but broken. However this is not to say that a People’s Vote/Referendum is inevitable as some suggest. Far from it, this will requires Action NOT Positive Vibes nor running down the clock with useless Political Rambling. I believe that BREXIT will eventually be reversed if it does happen but this does not necessarily mean we should give up our right for a vote on the existing deal – and here is just one option to make it happen.

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