It was once said by a very famous/wise comedian Robin Williams may he RIP,  post the George Bush presidency that “the reign of error is over”. Lo and behold we discover America ain’t really out of the reign of error just yet and all you have to do is “watch” the Covfefe – sometimes also referred to as the “Double Negative” President of the United States – comments walking back the “long” road he set himself up during the summit with Putin. Here’s my question; how “intelligent” do you have to be to reach the genius zone of Covfefe; he is breaking new grounds literally setting the base line that is hard to reach without heavy duty drilling equipment. Anyway, what I like to reiterate here is something I mentioned about Covfefe – something he has in common with our disastrous PM Theresa May – he is NOT actually driving but rather is being driven by hardcore ideologues (and external colleagues) who are playing him like a fiddle; he is merely a convenient distraction.

I would also like to share this clip of a recent talk show hosted by Stephen Colbert in reaction to the Straight Jacket” style response of our old friend Covfefe – hope you enjoy.

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