While Theresa May faces defeat with a Labour backed customs union amendment being tabled you have to get your head around is state of “play” in BREXIT politics British style; you have divided parliament with some who want to be part of the EU customs union, while others hardliners who want non of that, and some calling for a 2nd Referendum and a government plan seeking a new special customs deal as well as some other arrangements that would in effect replace EU bureaucracy with a more complex national bureaucracy to regulate our relationship with the EU; from matters relating to what is termed “Harmonisation on goods’ to creating a “joint institutional framework” to determine jurisdiction of courts. So in brief here’s what we do know we have;

  1. A divided country on BREXIT with no clarity as to how the people now feel over 2 years of a corrosive government approach in handling BREXIT. 
  2. A flawed process – as officially acknowledged – that produced BREXIT through illegal funding as well as foreign meddling.
  3. A dysfunctional parliament that continues to morph BREXIT based on their own narrow political agendas.
  4.  A country that continues to suffer due to the uncertainties resulting from all the above.

Now here is a suggestion; when politics is broken – as it currently seems like in this Great Britain of ours – the only viable alternative is to force politicians hands to take action through peaceful/sustained street activism – NOT social media, political speeches or media appearances; this by the way is also part of Democracy. So I can only call on political activists and politicians from all parties to put country before party in calling for a 2nd Referendum with clear guidelines & clear options. To be clear I am NOT calling for EXIT BREXIT or for BREXIT at any cost, what I am calling for is a fair process with a clear strategy (IN or OUT) and to let the people decide on that basis. If you’re a BREXITEER also this could count a re-affirmation of the will of the people – that’s Democracy too NOT the first Referendum as sting operation. Now the question is, will this plea work? I DO NOT KNOW but what I do know is that this is the only viable/inclusive way forward.

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