We keep hearing about the virtues of Democracy & Liberal Progressive Values. Yes we do apply Democratic principles in the West but now mostly in form rather than in actual reality. We then make assumptions about our governance structures & Democratic credentials rather than continuing to scrutinise/assess these structures & credentials. In the normal scheme of things we want our Democracy to adapt/evolve to meet new challenges, but what’s actually/gradually taking place is the evolution of a form of Democracy that is solely focused on meeting the needs/aspirations of the Rich & Powerful. This is precisely why these power brokers are keen to influence our political eco system so that they continue to have their hands on the tiller either for profit or merely on ideological grounds. In other words special interest/lobbyist have been the most corrosive force to our Democracy; and these are now considered legal groups with supported business industries that allow them to function effectively. What once would have been considered treasonous actions is now considered politics as usual and this NOT to mentioned foreign actors meddling in our national politics to suite their own agendas – this is not just about hacking & espionage but legitimate business models that operate & function freely in our midst. Worse still is when foreign conflicts filter into our political eco system where parliamentarians become active members to one lobby group or other supporting one side over another in conflict zones around the world. Even business leaders become able/willing lobbyist & financial supporters to help influence policy. So we’re no longer in the business in practicing Democracy, rather we’re into the business of circumventing Democracy. Here’s the thing; no one can better appreciate Liberal Democratic values and would sacrifice everything for them than one’s who have lived in Dictatorships, like yours truly. So I would encourage all who support the attack on our Democratic Liberal values to live for a period in a dictatorship then we can have a constructive conversation moving forward, and maybe while we’re at it discuss the feasibility & morality of supporting dictators for short term financial gains or strategic objectives at the detriment of our own national security as well as regional security that affects us in the long run – think about migration for a minute or 2.

I would very much like to end this post by showing this clip of Former U.S President Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday in honour of the late Nelson Mandela ahead of the 100th anniversary of his birth – it provides perspective and proper context to the challenges we face today as advocates of Liberal Democracy & Globalisation (a reformed “Globalisation”).

Hope you enjoy as I did.

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