Welcome to the Leavers & Shakers of BREXIT! Here’s the thing though; we already knew there has been significant influence in the BREXIT campaign from both national & foreign actors. The foreign influence has been officially established and now both sides of the coin have the official seal on them. We also know full well that for the current mob style so-called “government” this will NOT change a thing and the flawed process continues. So what is needed – and this also hasn’t changed much – is for political leaders on all sides – with “nudge” from the majority of this country – to put their prejudices in a sealed box for the moment and do the right thing in protecting our “fragile” Democracy in the uncertain times we live in; this by doing all possible to move Theresa May off her comfortable PM chair to her rightful place within a dark chapter/s in the history books. This referendum has been largely a farce in the way it was conducted setting false expectations based on false assumptions and with little in the way of accountability to anything beyond reaching the exit doors of the EU which was the single engine that now know for a fact has been powered by corrosive internal & external influence of powerful ideologues – or should I say psychopaths who have little in the way of moral/ethical grounding; so the Referendum mess now comes full circle. And please do NOT confuse their nationalist rhetoric to be genuine because it is mostly driven by their long standing xenophobic & extreme prejudices that have no place in the progressive liberal society that took us generations to build; there ain’t nothing nationalist about their views. That said I reiterate what I’ve mentioned in previous posts; though I am passionate about my views on BREXIT my overriding passion is the way we go about abiding by our Democratic values irrespective of choices made – that for me is the bottom line and so it should for everyone.

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