Everyday we continue to watch with amazement Covfefe making odd & ridiculous statements with nothing in his temperament that changed much every since starting his Oops Reign. Today was no different watching him in effect ridicule U.S. security agencies in a meeting with supposedly an adversary. Now here is the thing; Covfefe would NOT be able to survive without his support base – and I do not mean the electorate – rather the GOP – or should I say SOP (Sad Old Party) – as well as powerful special interests groups & individuals that are in effect using their power to move both visible & hidden agendas. So next time you complain about how Covfefe is undermining U.S security agencies, please have a closer look his support base in Congress with this quick interview with Congressman Darrell Issa after the Covfefe/Putin press conference as a simple indication – this to me as a non-American is where the real amazement comes into play. In my view Covfefe & his actions are really distractions more than anything else to the real damage that is being done not only in policy but to the identity of a nation and hard earned values that took generations to build. My worry is also about the exaggerated focus on future Presidential or Congressional elections as a target of foreign adversaries (and 1 or 2 allies in my view) and missing the blind spot which is the possibility of existing/increasing influence on the existing political environment from the same foreign powers; (after all if the President is NOT trusting his own Security Services is he counting on others?) This is precisely why national Security Services should be independent and act proactively as the main line of defence in such matters and it’s in everyone’s interest that they do their job away from political influence particularly at a time when the political environment is broken & toxic as it is in the U.S. & the U.K.

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